This is the Biswift Roadmap; on this page, we discuss our current and future plans.


Assembling of Developers, team and employees
The initial core team of BiSwift will further hire developers and other employees to fasten work and expand the system.


Initial Roll-out
The Biswift Exchange goes live on app stores for the accessibility of the public, BSF airdrop claiming and other event participation kick starts immediately. The exchange website goes live along.


The Community
The Biswift Social communities will be open for free participation and provision of timely information within the project circle.


Crypto Exchange (1)
Micro Crypto trading on Biswift exchange app and web starts fully in this quarter with the lowest fees ever. The exchange will also be further expanded in security, functionalities etc.


The Biswift management will start introducing partners and investors from this quarter, the management will continue to collaborate with Blockchain industries to bring Swift blockchain experiences to users globally.


Alongside partnerships, the team will be investing funds into heavy marketing and project building.


Fundraising, BSF Coin Launching And SwiftChain Launching
The Biswift core is determined to raise $10M for start to efficiently run the Swiftchain and its Accompanying Coin $BSF and to further expand into becoming the top 5 crypto exchange globally.


Crypto Exchange (2)
Full Functioning Crypto trading on Biswift exchange app and web starts fully in this quarter with advance tools and demo trading accounts. The exchange will comes with educational materials to teach newcomers how to trade crypto successfully.


Crypto Launchpad, NFT Launchpad and project incubation which will be the best of its kind will go live under Biswift Exchange to support upcoming projects to build and raise funds to standardize and to expand the SwiftChain.


Airdrop Coin Distribution
The team will automatically distribute airdrop in the agreed 4 interval mode and to more awareness of our world.


Non-Stop Building
More to be built and more to come.

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