Biswift Referral Program

Learn how the Biswift Exchange referral program works, how you can make money with it.
Here at Biswift, we offer one of the most incredible referral commissions for both new and existing users. We believe that giving back to the community makes everyone happy, which is why we strive to build and deploy one of the best referral crypto exchange programs out there.

As a startup-project, we are doing everything we can to make it serve us all better.

We are giving you the opportunity to share profits with us if you have a community of investors, a group that discusses cryptocurrencies, or a website. This does not mean that only those with a community can participate in our referral programs; everyone can do so since you can invite your friends using either an online method or a face-to-face invitation. You can also introduce our app to your friends and family to share awesome profits with us; this is an endless opportunity and a fantastic opportunity to grow your profits with us. One, we are!

What we offer?

We give you an 8-15% commission on every fee that your referrals pay. This means that whenever one of your referrals uses our wallet to make a purchase, you will get paid in cryptocurrency in the form of an instance commission. The system will process this transaction automatically and instantly, and since the money is already yours, you can swap it for other currency or withdraw it externally.

We additionally offer a reward of up to 50,000 USD to the top users in terms of referral commissions and wallet usage, and this grant will be dispersed proportionally. Please stay connected by joining our community and social media; further details will be delivered through our communities.

How do i participate?

To participate, please create an account and then login to Biswift. After that, navigate to "Invite Friends" and copy your referral link/code. You can also generate multiple referral links and organize your team as each link has a different referral counter and custom analytics.

If you are inviting someone who lives far away, send them the invitation link and ask them to use your code when signing up; the link will automatically copy your code to the clipboard and the app will paste the code when the user attempts to sign up; if you are inviting someone who lives nearby, simply show them the code to type manually or send the code to them via any medium of text communication.
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