How the BSF airdrop and referral system works

Learn how the BSF airdrop works, how many tokens you can obtain, and how to obtain them on a regular basis.
The Biswift BSF coin airdrop is public and it's better to be learnt and understood to abstain from violations that will stunt success. BSF is the symbol of SwiftChain the processes of acquiring and rules will be strictly regulated. The airdrop claiming process is based on daily power claiming and its simply explained below

Day1: 0.2 > Day2: 0.2 > Day3: 0.4 > Day4: 0.4 > Day5: 0.7 > Day6: 0.85 > Day7: 0.85 > Day8: 1.0 (All in BSF) this circle resets after Day8.

The referral is set to further empower our loyal community and future SwiftChain captain sailors, this program is affected by the standard airdrop claiming module to trigger activeness and encourage exclusiveness of hardworking users. The referral program is affected in the sense that users earn only when their downlines or referrals claim.

This module is further detailed below

Your referral claims Day1 you earn 0.01, Day2: 0.01 > Day3: 0.02 > Day4: 0.02 > Day5: 0.035 > Day6: 0.045 > Day7: 0.045 > Day8: 0.05 (All in BSF) the circle resets after day 8 as long as your referral is actively claiming.

The system is carefully programmed to immensely favor our hardworking community and to make sure our users eyes are actively on their earnings to earn more and hugely enrich themselves before mainnet.
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