Biswift Badges

The swift Badge is a one-time purchase and a premium service that improves our users and investors experience, benefits and exclusiveness. The badge holders are also entitled to numerous premium features. The Swift Badges comes in three tiers and nature, the Blue, Silver and Gold badges.

The Biswift badges is also a great step by the team to reduce fake, untrustworthy and impersonating profiles in the Biswift exchange and its other related programs.


Blue Badge: This feature is packed and endowed with premium feature like opportunity to earn an amazing 300% of your daily claiming, this means you can claim x3 than regular non badge holder users. Example: on the day 8 which you are supposed to claim 1 $BSF You will claim 3 $BSF. Amazing right?

Silver Badge: This is the second most essential Swift premium and VIP badge, this premium badge comes with an amazing exclusive feature like having the ability to claim a whooping 500% of your usual daily claiming amount, this basically means you will be claiming x5 than regular non badge holder users and blue badge holders. Example; on the day 8 you are usually expected to claim 1 $BSF you will be able to claim 5 $BSF. Amazing!

Gold Badge: The is the most essential and ranked swift premium and VIP badge, this premium badge comes with a huge and mind blowing feature such as the ability to claiming a higher amount of up to 800% of your daily usual claimable amount, this then implies you will be claiming x8 than regular non badge holder users, blue and silver badge holders. Example; on the day 8 which you are to claim 1 $BSF you will be able to claim 8 $BSF, that's great!


1. Blue Badge: - $2
2. Silver Badge: - $3.5
3. Gold Badge: - $4.5


To purchase any of the BiSwift premium badges you will need Polygon matic and/or USDT (Polygon Chain)
To purchase, login to your Biswift account through web or app, Go to dashboard click premium badge or 'Acquire Badge', a purchase window will appear, select your preferred badge then copy your unique purchase address and deposit appropriate amount, after payment your purchase request will be automatically processed. Then you are good to go.


It will blow up your mind, holding any of the Biswift premium badge makes you stand out, stand exclusive and unique, that is not all. You will be claiming x3, x5 and x5 respectively for blue, silver and gold badges.
You will have unlimited access to our premium campaign where you can earn up to $100 on different occasions such as sponsored partners funded campaigns.
Earn from your badge your referrals (downlines). Note; you must be a badge holder to benefit from your badge holder referrals.
You will have access to our international web3 conferences and benefit free sponsorships.
Unlimited access to partners sponsored airdrops and other dividends.


If any challenge occurs in the process, do well to contact for assistance. No admin will contact you privately or send you link, do well to report any suspicious approach.
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